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Ahmet H.Köse


I carefully listened to the Address of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Russians, to compatriots in Ukraine, which he delivered on Monday, February 21. His speech can be divided into several parts: the historical part; state of modern Ukraine; Ukraine is the US-NATO anti-Russian foothold; position in the Donbass.
And, in conclusion, Russia’s recognition of the independence and sovereignty of the DPR-LPR .
Modern Ukraine was created by Lenin, the Bolsheviks after the revolution of 1917. And here Putin, as a political representative of the oligarchic class of the big bourgeoisie ruling in Russia, attacks Lenin, accuses the leader of the proletariat that Lenin laid a mine under the state system of Russia, which then existed in the form of the USSR which lies in the right of nations to self-determination up to secession and the formation of an independent state. And he says that this mine exploded in 1991, destroying the USSR.
The Leninist principle of the right of nations to self-determination is not a political conjuncture, and, moreover, it is not an attempt to flirt with nationalists in order to retain power, as Putin claims.
This Leninist principle is due to the unequal position of nations in tsarist Russia, when the peoples of the outskirts of the Russian Empire were subjected to double exploitation both by the Great Russian bourgeoisie and landlords, headed by the tsar, and by the local bourgeoisie. As a result, the peoples of the national outskirts developed a sense of resentment not only against the Great Russian exploiters, but also against the Russian people.
And in order for all peoples to feel equal in the workers’ and peasants’ state created by the revolution, Lenin’s principle of the right of nations to self-determination was laid in its basis.
And this principle was subsequently legitimized by the documents of the United Nations.
It was on the basis of the application of the Leninist principle of the right of nations to self-determination (which Mr. President “forgets about”) that a referendum was held in Crimea and the people of Crimea voluntarily withdrew from Ukraine and became part of Russia.
Another thing is that this principle can be applied both for the benefit of peoples and to their detriment. For the benefit of the peoples, this principle was applied during the formation of the USSR. At the same time, he showed his vitality during the Great Patriotic War, when Hitler counted on the fact that the multinational Soviet Union would fall apart like a house of cards. And everything turned out the other way around – all the peoples, as one, united around the Russian people and, under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, led by Stalin, defeated fascism.
And the bourgeoisie that grew up in the Khrushchev-Brezhnev years, during the period of Gorbachev’s perestroika-counter-revolution, came out of the underground (Stalin did not exist!) And used the right of nations to self-determination for their own selfish purposes, destroying the great Soviet Union.
What is Putin right about, despite all his class bourgeois negativism towards Lenin, that Soviet Ukraine bears the name of its creator, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. And the ungrateful descendants who began to destroy monuments to Lenin in Ukraine (only in Ukraine, but in Russia?!), in fact, they are not hitting Lenin, but hitting Ukraine, which, in fact, ceases to exist.
These are the usual incantations of the bourgeoisie of any nationality, which hates Stalin because he did not let it germinate in the Soviet Union and directed all his political activity in the name of the interests of the working people, in the name of the interests of all the peoples of our great Motherland.
“Stalin’s dictatorship and totalitarianism” – this is the dictatorship of the proletariat , which turned the Soviet Union into the second superpower of the planet, defeated fascism, launched the first man into space, created nuclear missile weapons that maintained world peace throughout the post-war half a century.
Can bourgeois Putin’s Russia boast of such achievements?! The question is rhetorical.
The state of modern Ukraine and the results of the Maidan, as a result of which nationalists and radicals came to power in Ukraine, were mostly assessed correctly by Putin. Here is an important conclusion.
Ukraine, under the leadership of nationalists and radicals, has turned into a colony with a puppet regime , completely controlled and controlled by the West. The power of the patriots has lost its national character and is consistently leading to the complete desovereignization of the country, Putin notes.
We clarify. Under the rule of “patriots” (only patriots not of Ukraine, but of the dollar), Ukraine came to collapse, economic, social, lost Crimea and Donbass.
Further, Putin dwells on the new military strategy of Ukraine, aimed at confrontation with Russia, at preparing for hostilities against Russia, with military support from the world community in the geopolitical confrontation with Russia.
Putin notes that Ukraine is going to create its own tactical nuclear forces and that the scientific and technical capabilities in Ukraine for this still exist. Moreover, Russia’s Western patrons can contribute to this in order to create another threat to Russia.
As a result of the appearance of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine, the situation in the world, Europe and for Russia will change in the most radical way. Threats to Russia will increase sharply.
The military pumping of the Kiev regime is being carried out. Since 2014, the United States alone, Putin notes, has spent billions of dollars on the supply of weapons, equipment, and training of specialists. And in recent months, Western weapons have been coming to Ukraine in an unceasing stream.
The activities of the armed forces of Ukraine are led by foreign advisers. Under the pretext of exercises in recent years, military contingents of NATO countries have been constantly present on the territory of Ukraine. The command and control system of the armed forces is integrated with NATO standards, which allows foreign advisers to directly manage them, up to the management of military units and subunits. There is a shameless development of Ukraine as the future theater of military operations .
The network of Ukrainian airfields, modernized by the Americans, is capable of transferring military units in the shortest possible time. The airspace of Ukraine is open for flights by US strategic and reconnaissance aircraft, including drones that monitor the territory of Russia.
The Maritime Operations Center in Ochakovo, built by the Americans, makes it possible to ensure the operation of NATO ships, to use high-precision weapons against the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, against infrastructure along the entire Black Sea coast.
Putin recalls that in the 18th century, Suvorov’s soldiers fought for Ochakov, and now the monument to the outstanding commander has been demolished in Poltava. As a result of wars with the Ottoman Empire, the Black Sea lands joined Russia under the name Novorossiya.
The President of Russia recalls that Article 17 of the Constitution of Ukraine does not allow the deployment of foreign military bases on its territory. So they called the base a mission and a “thing in the bag.”
Putin recalled the five waves of NATO expansion since the collapse of the USSR, which increased the number of alliance members from 16 to 30, despite a promise made to Gorbachev not to expand NATO by one inch. However, Western leaders of that time treated Gorbachev as a traitor to his country and his people, and anything can be promised to a traitor.
And Putin asks the question – why do we, from Russia, make an enemy.
And the answer is that they do not need such a large independent country as Russia.
As a result of the NATO bloc’s access to Russia’s borders, the threats to the country have sharply increased.
Positional areas of the US global missile defense system are deployed in Romania and Poland, which can be used for strike offensive systems against Russia.
Ukraine’s accession to NATO is a foregone conclusion, the President of Russia believes, and whether it happens tomorrow or the day after tomorrow does not matter in historical terms. The level of military threats to Russia will rise dramatically, many times over. The danger of a sudden strike against our country is growing.
According to Putin, American documents provide for the possibility of preemptive strikes against enemy missile systems. And Russia was named the main adversary for the US-NATO as the main threat to Euro-Atlantic security.
Having withdrawn from the treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles, the Pentagon is openly developing ground-based strike assets, ballistic missiles with a flight range of up to 5,000 km. When deploying such missile systems in Ukraine, they pose a threat to the entire European territory of Russia, even beyond the Urals.
And Putin cites the flight time to Moscow for American attack weapons: the Tomahawk cruise missile – 35 minutes; ballistic missile from the Kharkov region – 7-8 minutes., hypersonic missile – 4-5 minutes. This is a knife to the throat of our country.
Russia’s December proposals sent by the US-NATO were answered on secondary issues. But there are three main questions: preventing further NATO expansion; the alliance’s refusal to deploy strike weapons systems on Russian borders; the return of the bloc’s military potential and infrastructure in Europe to the state of 1997, when the Russia-NATO Founding Act was adopted, was ignored.
They are trying to blackmail Russia, threaten it with sanctions, which in any case will be imposed under one pretext or another, or without any pretext at all.
Here we disagree with Putin.
The goal of Western imperialism, of global financial capital, the true masters of the planet, is to destroy Russia after the destruction of the USSR, to seize its natural resources into its full ownership, to enslave the people, turning them into slaves of transnational corporations and banks . As Margaret Thatcher once said, 15 million people are enough for Russia to work on a pipe.
And to achieve this goal, the US-NATO will pit two fraternal peoples, Ukrainian and Russian, in a fratricidal slaughter , will do everything to unleash a war between Ukraine and Russia.
Putin emphasizes that due to the fact that Russia’s proposals remained unanswered by the US-NATO, that the level of threats is increasing, Russia has every right to take measures to ensure its own security.
This is exactly what we will do, Putin concluded.
Will the ruling Putin regime have the courage and courage to resist the US-NATO to create adequate threats to American imperialism (for Putin’s “colleagues and partners”), we’ll see.
Putin notes that the ruling Kiev elite is not going to implement a set of measures to resolve the conflict and intends to organize a blitzkrieg like in 2014-2015, having formed a large military grouping, that not a single day passes without shelling the territory of Donbass, the killings of civilians of the elderly continue, women, children, that the so-called “civilized world” (“as our Western colleagues self-proclaimed themselves”) does not notice this horror, the genocide of four million people.
He emphasizes that people did not agree with the coup organized by the West in Ukraine in 2014, opposed cave nationalism and neo-Nazism, that they are fighting for their elementary rights to live on their own land, speak their own language, preserve their culture and traditions.
All these years, Russia has persistently fought for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution of February 17, 2015, which consolidated the Minsk Package of Measures of February 12, 2015 to resolve the situation in Donbas
The regime in Kiev, wholly and completely generated by the coup d’état, embarked on the path of violence, bloodshed and lawlessness, does not recognize any other solution than a military one. How long can this tragedy continue?
And Putin announces a decision to immediately recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic.
Let’s just say that it was high time to do this.
Putin is asking the Federal Assembly to support this decision and ratify the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance with both republics.
From those who seized power in Kiev, we demand an immediate cessation of hostilities. Otherwise, all responsibility for the possible continuation of the bloodshed will be entirely on the conscience of the regime ruling in Ukraine and, we will add, its imperialist Western masters.

We have before us the proclamation of the goals and aspirations of the ruling oligarchic regime in Russia through the mouth of its political representative, Putin. The oligarchs of Russia pursue one goal – to continue to plunder and sell off the natural resources of Russia with impunity, making multibillion-dollar fortunes for themselves, to continue to exploit the working people of Russia.
And these aspirations of the Russian oligarchs are threatened by the West, threatened by a much more powerful global financial capital that holds trillions of dollars in its hands.
Hence the intensification of contradictions between Russia and the West, between Russia and the US-NATO.
And the West will never refuse to achieve its goal, because this is, in fact, the only condition for the continuation of its existence.
Moreover, if its aggressive plans towards Russia are achieved, the West will take over China. It is not for nothing that the Chinese leadership is rapidly increasing the power of its armed forces in order to equal the military potential of the Western “civilizers” by 2027.
The threat of war, the threat of mutual destruction will continue to grow. Until the working people realize what a mortal danger hangs over the world and do not destroy the power of capital on Earth.
February 22, 2022