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The cry for “Peaceful Solution” is a reflection of liberal utopia that a peaceful solution can be reached with fascism especially with that of Nazi form.

The cry for “Peaceful Solution” is a reflection of liberal utopia that a peaceful solution can be reached with fascism especially with that of Nazi form. Almost all the assessment of the situation in Ukraine and abstract sloganization proceed from the assumption or deception that “Ukraine was a peaceful country” before the Russian imperialist invasion. The fact of the matter is that the war was going on in Ukraine for years and especially for the last 8 years in a bloody, ruthless form where the anti-fascists have been massacred, burned to death in mass. It was a civil war between the Nazis and anti-Fascists which changed its form after the anti-fascists established their autonomous regions. That did not stop the Nazis shelling, killing, massacring the anti-fascists.

Trying to portray as if there was a “peaceful situation” in Ukraine before the invasion and calling for “peaceful solution” is a deception on one side, and self-deception on the other. It is an illusion of liberals and those with liberal tendencies who believe there can be a “peaceful solution” to Ukraine’s problem, as they believe there can be with Fascism. Any “peaceful solution” can be spoken only after the destruction of Nazi government and Nazi militia.

War in Nazi-Ukraine backed by the warmongering aggressive imperialist US and invasion attempt by Russian imperialism is not a typical war defined and assessed by readymade prescriptions for all. As Lenin says it against the “prescription” assessments; “Wars are a supremely varied, diverse, complex thing. One cannot approach them with a general pattern”, there must be a concrete analysis of every war.

Fyodorov foresees and says, “the imperialists resort ever more frequently to local wars, which are limited as regards territory and the means of armed struggle applied. “

And he recalls and says that Lenin’s evaluation of “little” imperialist wars as “still relevant today.

This assessment of Lenin helps to understand their (little imperialist wars’) essence and the danger they constitute to social progress. A little imperialist war may grow into a world war which is not limited as regards its scale and the technical means of warfare involved. The “escalation” strategy—the intensification of aggressive military actions in a local war—which is an official doctrine of the US ruling circles, inevitably leads to an extension of military conflicts and aggravates the danger of a world war.”

That is exactly what the situation is now. How and who will de-escalate the situation? Abstract slogans cannot respond to these questions and do anything but will remain to be empty words, left phrase making. Effortless way out to save the day.

He states eloquently that, “the interests of the proletariat’s revolutionary movement and its struggle against capitalism have become the main criteria of all international events, including wars. In our time the legitimacy and justice of wars can be approached ONLY from the standpoint of the proletariat and its liberation struggle.”

And that is the hard way that may not save the day but the future.