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Transcripts are compiled from the Draft Books (as of January 2021); 
Selected Transcripts 1903 – 1951 from Soviet Archives, Vol I, thru, III 
Transcripts from the Soviet Archives, Vol I thru XIV 
Politburo and the Church 1922 – 1924 
Selected Secret Documents from Soviet Foreign Policy Documents Archives – 1919 to 1941 
Most transcripts are uncorrected, directly from the stenograph, that is why redundancy, incomplete sentences (due to noise or other reasons section of speech is not heard to be recorded in full), expressions and words that is kind of “You had to be there to understand” etc., will inevitably be noticed. Translation was done as it is, in some cases explanations are added in italic. 
As always, there is no copy right, no claim whatsoever for the compiled transcripts. In its entirety or partially may be used freely for the purpose of education and or other Marxist-Leninist purposes.
P6- Report of the Minister of Justice on the Tiflis Social Democratic Organization – 1903 
P12- Transcripts of the meetings of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) -VKP (b) – March 1926 
P77- Stalin’s speech on collective farm development. 
P94- From the speeches of J.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov at a joint meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee and the Presidium of the Central Control Commission of the CPSU (b). November 27, 1932 
P101- Stalin’s speech to consider the draft Model Charter of the Agricultural Artel 
P125- Record of the conversation of Stalin with Lord W. Beaverbrook and A. Garriman – 1941 
Recording of the conversation of the chairman of the council of people’s commissars of the USSR J. V. Stalin with the heads of delegations of the Great Britain Lord W. Beaverbrook 
P137- Conversation of Stalin with Cripps – 1940 
P139- Conversation of Stalin with the ambassador of GB in the USSR S. Cripps – 1941 
P145- Record of the conversation Stalin, Molotov and Saracoglu – 1939 
P157- Stalin On the tasks of business executives: Speech at the First All-Union Conference of Socialist Industry Workers, February 4, 1931. 
P167- A Brief Record of Comrade Stalin’s Instructions on Intelligence Data from May 21, 1937 
P171- Recording of a conversation by phone I.V. Stalin with K.V. Ostrovityanov. 7 February 1952 
P173- JV Stalin’s note to members on voting by poll to approve the death sentence in the case of the Moscow clergy – May 1922 
P176- Circular letter of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) No. 30 “on the attitude towards religious organizations.” August 16, 1923 
P181- From the speech of I. V. Stalin. December 4, 1936 
P186- From the speech of Comrade Stalin. February 27, 1937 
P189- Comrade Stalin’s report, March 3, 1937 Evening session. 
P211- From the speech of Comrade Stalin. March 5, 1937 
P235- From the article by JV Stalin “The Year of the Great Turning Point. To the XII Anniversary of October “. November 3, 1929 
P238- Stalin to the Deputy People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR M.N. 
P240- Stalin, on the arrests of the leadership of the Nakhichevan ASSR. September 26, 1937 
P241- Stalin – to members of the Politburo on June 5, 1932 
P242- Stalin, about facilitating the plan of state farms at the expense of the collective farm-peasant sector. 
P243- Stalin N.I. Yezhov about the Socialist-Revolutionaries. January 17, 1938 
P244- Stalin, on the approval of the directive “On anti-Soviet elements” of July 2, 1937. 
P246- Resolution of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks “Question of the USSR Prosecutor’s Office”. November 15, 1938 
P248- Stalin to the leaders of the party organs about the unfavorable situation in the NKVD. November 25, 1938 
P250- Stalin to Boytsov on the investigation of the facts of illegal actions of the NKVD officers. December 12, 1938 
P251- Stalin and VM Molotov Directive “On the fight against ticks.” August 31, 1937 
P255- Directive of J.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov on sabotage and demonstration processes in the field of animal husbandry. October 2, 1937 
P258- Note by G.G. Karpov on the reception by JV Stalin of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. September 1943 
P269- Stalin on arrested counter revolutionaries 
P271- On the organization of measuring household plots. June 20, 1939 
P274- Stalin – to the members of the Politburo – August 5, 1934 
P279- From letters of Stalin to L.M. Kaganovich in connection with the development and implementation of the law of August 7, 1932 
P283- From the speeches of S.V. Kosior, B.P.Sheboldaev, F.I. Goloshchekin, I.V. Stalin 
P293- Stalin’s note to L.M. Kaganovich and V.M. Molotov on the prohibition of travel by foreign correspondents in the USSR. 19 February 1933 
P294- From the speech of JV Stalin at the first congress of collective farmers-shock workers. 19 February 1933 
P297- From the correspondence between M.A.Sholokhov and I.V. Stalin. April 4 – May 6, 1933 
P304- Stalin – On the cessation of mass evictions of peasants – May 8, 1933 
P312- From the report of JV Stalin to the XVII Congress of the CPSU (b). January 26, 1934 
P316- Stalin’s speech. July 2, 1934 
P328- Stalin’s letter about Bukharin’s article “The Economy of the Soviet Country.” 
P333- JV Stalin’s speech on the report of VM Molotov. November 26, 1934 
P343- “On the procedure for making arrests. 
P345- On assistance to cowless collective farmers in acquiring cows 
P350- Telegram V.M. Molotov and I.V. Stalin to the leadership of the Ukrainian SSR on measures to combat drought. 
P352- “On the question of the policy of liquidating the kulaks as a class.” 
P357- Telegram I.V. Stalin to the party organizations on collectivization and “dispossession”. January 30, 1930 
P359- Telegram I.V. Stalin about preparation “for the reception and resettlement of kulak farms.” February 16, 1930 
P361- On the fight against “distortions of the party line in the collective farm movement.” 
P362- “On the legal status of labor settlers” 
P366- The draft resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars and the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on the legal status of labor settlers, proposed by the NKVD. At the earliest June 1, 1939 
P370- About the uprising in Georgia. JV Stalin 
P371- Transcript of JV Stalin’s speech “on the study of the history of the CPSU (b).” 
P381- A transcript of JV Stalin’s speech “In connection with the question of the film” The Law of Life ” 
P427- An uncorrected transcript of I.V. Stalin at a meeting of the Politburo. March 18, 1926 (1) 
P431- To Comrade Demyan Bedny 

P436-An uncorrected transcript of I.V. Stalin at a meeting of the Politburo. March 18, 1926 (2)

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