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Media and fake news

It is a well-known fact for those who have a “critical mind” that during war times the media totally becomes a means of psychological propaganda on both sides. Fake news, fake pictures, manufactured videos occupy the media pages and screens including that of social ones.

Below is one of the hundreds fake news that was easy to debunk for anyone who is willing and capable to do research.

What the readers and watchers should never rely on and influenced by is the so called “killed statistics” given in fashion of soccer match scores. Dmitri from Kiew noted that it was impossible to know the death toll of other side because the war being waged is not a face to face, or close fight. War is being waged through shelling, missiles and from a distance which makes it impossible to know what the casualties of the other side are.

One side, usually (but not always) the one on the defense exaggerates the civilian deaths to capture the sympathy of the world public, exaggerates the number of captured and killed from the opposition side in order to increase its chances to receive military support.

Biggest blunder the Ukranian side was the video of a captured Russian soldier who were being harassed, slapped, and forced to repeat a Nazi slogan. Russia posted the video of 82 Ukranian soldiers treated cordially from the captured area to the bus.

Western Media is the Master of Disinformation and fake news, and master in staging and creating pseudo news too. They are even capable and skillful of turning genuine news into fake news.

The only reliable source during any given war is, if any, reporters with past proven credibility, and genuine Marxist Leninists on the field, living in that given country.

Erdogan Ahmet